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Serving the Italian community

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The Italian-Canadian Community Services of Quebec, a non-profit community organization, was founded in 1978. It is considered to be the point of reference for the Italian community in Montreal and neighboring areas.

Through our many endeavours, we are committed to supporting the fields of Health and Social Services, Education, Italian Language and Culture, as well as causes that will benefit and support our fellow citizens.

The mission of the ICCSQ is to assist in the establishment and promotion of cultural activities, services and programs in the Italian Community with the aim of providing individuals, groups and organizations with opportunities to fully integrate and take the existing services offered by Quebec and Canadian society.

The Italian-Canadian Community Services of Quebec Inc. is a dynamic organization dedicated to providing quality services in English, French, and Italian.

Our goals and objectives:

  • Provide psychosocial assistance to targeted groups such as the elderly, adults, families and youth.
  • Provide information on existing services to the community and translate into Italian to reach out to the elderly of Italian origin
  • Identify and document the needs of the community
  • Promote healthy living within the community
  • Provide support and assistance to community groups and organizations
  • Promote the Italian culture and language within the community
  • Encourage students of Italian origin to realize their full potential

We are funded by the Italian-Canadian Community Foundation. The ICCSQ is also the home of the Italian-Canadian Diabetes Association of Quebec.

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The conferences will resume in the spring of 2018



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Community Activities

  • Diabetes education free program
  • A new free legal and notary service


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